At our bi-annual Avrio Advocati conferences, we give our practitioners an opportunity to facilitate the opportunity to discuss in an open and confidential environment the issues which commonly face law firms of varying sizes.


Lawyers are trained to a very high standard in the field of law they chose. They are offered continuous professional development in this area. However upon joining a firm as a partner a whole new set of skills is needed. The lawyer must immediately become a manager and a leader. This transition can be quite difficult for the individual and accordingly, at our conferences we can try to assist new partners in learning leadership and management skills. We do this by offering a peer to peer forum where an open honest discussion can take place. We have a mix of very experienced partners and newer partners who can gain insight from each other on a range of topics.


Junior members , as the future of our member firms, are also highly encouraged to attend our bi-annual conferences and are often offered speaking “slots” in which to address the delegates in their particular area of expertise. This gives our Junior members the opportunity to build up confidence in speaking in an open environment and to learn from the feedback which they receive.


We poll our members in advance of each conference to give them options on the topics to be discussed. Members vote on those that are most relevant to them. These issues often transcend national boundaries. Our past forums have covered the following topics:
Partner status - Partnerships, the role of partners, compensation schemes, entry and exit procedures, the partnership agreement, profit sharing.
Flexible working and retaining talent - working from home, part-time working, managing people with young families, maternity and paternity leave, job share, flexi days, IT equipment, work/life balance.
These are just a few of the issues facing today’s leading lawyers. Our members tell us that this aspect of teaching is very useful and yet another unique benefit of their membership.