CSA-Sociedade de Advogados, SP RL

Alameda Dr. Carlos D’assumpção, N.º 180,
Edifício Centro Comercial Tong Nam Ah, 19º Andar H,I,

- lisboa@csa-adv.pt
- mariajosesimoes@csa-adv.pt
- +351 213 552 250
- http://www.csa-adv.pt


CSA is a Limited Liability Legal Firm whose corporate object is the joint exercise of advocacy services, providing personalised consultation and legal representation services in a wide array of legal areas.

CSA was created as a result of a merger between two well-established legal firms, wherein the main concern was to guarantee all clients the provision of integrated legal services, without foregoing personalised service to each client.

CSA is committed to fostering an active policy of partnerships with other legal firms at the national and international level, thereby extending the relationship of trust that we hold with clients, in order to protect their interests in various parts of Portugal and abroad.

CSA’s objective is to provide a quality service - based on confidence, rigour and dedication of all its members.

CSA’s office in Macao is coordinated by the partner João Miguel Barros and is constituted by four lawyers. In addition to the exercise of advocacy services, our partner is also qualified to provide functions as a private notary in Macao.

In addition to the general services provided in a wide array of professional areas, the Macao office is especially suited to advise its clients concerning investments in Macao and China and support the expansion by businessmen and companies in projects in Asia, through the network of law firms established in various countries.

In addition, by means of this office, CSA is prepared to assist Asian-based businessmen in investment projects in Portugal and other Portuguese speaking countries.