Expand Your Horizons with Avrio Advocati

Are you an experienced lawyer eager to broaden your expertise in a new legal environment? Or are you early in your career, seeking invaluable international experience to jumpstart your professional journey? The Avrio Advocati Exchange Programme offers an unparalleled opportunity for lawyers at all stages of their careers to immerse themselves in different legal cultures, develop new skills, and expand their global professional network.

What is the Avrio Advocati Exchange Programme?

The Avrio Advocati Exchange Programme is a distinguished initiative designed to facilitate short-term placements for lawyers within our extensive network of member firms worldwide. This programme enables you to learn about diverse legal systems, share your expertise, and build lasting professional relationships that can significantly enhance your career and personal development.

Why Participate?

1. Global Perspective:

  •    Experience Diverse Legal Practices: Immerse yourself in different legal environments and cultures.
  •    Gain International Insights: Understand various legal systems and regulatory frameworks.
  •    Work on Cross-Border Cases: Enhance your capability to manage international legal matters.

2. Professional Growth:

  1.    Develop New Skills: Expand your legal expertise and learn new approaches to practice.
  2.    Engage with Leading Firms: Participate in high-quality work with some of the world’s top law firms.
  3.    Boost Your Resume: Add significant international experience to your professional profile.

3. Networking Opportunities:

  •    Forge Global Connections: Build relationships with top legal professionals across different jurisdictions.
  •    Expand Your Network: Create a global network that supports and advances your career.
  •    Exchange Knowledge: Share insights and experiences with peers from diverse legal backgrounds.


Who Can Apply?

  •    Experienced Lawyers: Broaden your understanding of international legal systems and expand your practice areas.
  •    Early Career Lawyers: Gain practical international exposure and hands-on experience to accelerate your career growth.


How to Get Started?

    Express Your Interest: Reach out to your firm’s Avrio Advocati representative or email us directly at info@avrioadvocati.com.
    Choose Your Destination: Explore opportunities in member firms located in major cities around the world. Visit our member directory to see available locations.
    Plan Your Placement: Collaborate with us to tailor your exchange experience to align with your professional goals and interests.



Ana Rita Relógio, CSA Sociedade de Advogados, Portugal:
“Participating in the Avrio Advocati Exchange Programme was a transformative experience. It allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of international family and corporate law in a common law jurisdiction, share knowledge related to managing our own law firm, and build connections that have been invaluable to my career. I’m looking forward to repeating this experience in another jurisdiction.”

Nikita Zatler, Gorjup Law, Slovenia:
“Being a part of this programme gave me the chance to work in Caldwell & Robinson Solicitors, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, and understand the intricacies of common law and European law. It’s an experience I highly recommend to any young lawyer looking to make their mark.”

Join Us and Broaden Your Legal Career

We invite you to seize this opportunity to enhance your career through the Avrio Advocati Exchange Programme. For more information or to apply contact us at info@avrioadvocati.com.

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