Managing Legal Risks In Europe and Beyond

Avrio Advocati is an active and global network of trusted, independent, commercial law firms


Avrio Advocati lawyers are all highly trained in all common aspects of business and commercial law. Many also have specialist teams that can deal with complex high value transactions or litigation.


Our private client lawyers are fully qualified to assist you with any problem life can throw at you. If you need help with making your will, navigating a tax return, our people will be with you every step of the way.


We are always keen to hear from potential members who have an interest in joining our network. Whilst we like to offer exclusivity in a jurisdiction to ensure maximum referral work, if the jurisdiction covers a large area or the current member is very specialised in a particular sector of law, we will seek the current members approval to a second representative firm within the jurisdiction. Please contact us for more information on becoming an Avrio member.

From my perspective, Avrio allows all members to exchange their views on different issues from a very international perspective. It is very helpful and creates solid framework of international relationship between members from different jurisdictions. All members are willing to improve and promote their organization, which gives very promising prospects.