Avrio membership: how has it benefitted my firm?
I’ve been involved with Avrio for many years – as representative of my firm, as board member and as president – so I guess that I am well placed to answer the question: how has membership benefitted my firm? The answer is: in many ways.

The firm has benefitted by being able to refer issues that important clients of ours have in other jurisdictions to know and trusted colleagues. I am acutely aware that, should something go wrong in a problem overseas, it is likely to be us to who get the blame. For that reason, it’s important that we really know the people in the firm to whom the work is passed: know them, have met them and have socialised with them - and not just pick their names from a list.

The work that we get through Avrio falls into 3 categories: (a) work from existing clients because of our Avrio membership (for example, we can help a Scottish client with issues in Switzerland); (b) work for people in our jurisdiction who are not yet clients, who come to us because of Avrio membership – the extra “reach” they see us having; and (c) work that is referred to us from colleagues in other jurisdictions.

Last, but certainly not least, the firm has benefitted because Avrio has given our people experience and training that they would not otherwise have had. I can speak with confidence on what I know of other jurisdictions – and with equal confidence that where I don’t know something (which is usually the case) I know someone who will know. And, Avrio meetings are a great training ground for our young lawyers.

If you have any more questions, come to one of our meetings and ask me in person!