Ukrainian Bar Association For Foreign Affairs

2, 2-A Zoloti Vorota St.,


The Ukrainian Bar Association for Foreign Affairs is one of the oldest and most renowned legal institutions in Ukraine, established on the foundation of the Ukrainian Representative Office of the former Iniurkolleguia of the USSR, which functioned since 1937.

Today, Ukriniurkoleguia is comprised of professionals specialising in various branches of national, foreign, and international private and public law. It has within its ranks barristers, attorneys, economists and linguists of international qualification who have extensive experience in cases made complex by a foreign element. Ukriniurkoleguia has an established system of representative offices in Ukraine and a world-wide network of overseas partners.




Mykola Pavlov joined Ukriniurkoleguia in 2000, and in 2009 he was elected Managing Partner of Ukriniurkoleguia.

Mykola Pavlov heads the Department of Civil Law and Legal Support to Citizens and coordinates the activities of the Department of Business Law of Ukriniurkoleguia.

Mykola Pavlov is the foremost expert of Ukriniurkoleguia in the fields of legal protection of migrant workers, as well as collection of compensations, pensions, insurance and social benefits. Mr. Pavlov has comprehensive experience of field work in the countries with considerable concentration of Ukrainian migrant workers in order to provide legal advice to our citizens. He also often participates in the working meetings with the staff of the Ukrainian Consulates and Embassies regarding the protection of legitimate rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens abroad.