Avrio Juniors

Avrio Juniors

Avrio Juniors is the next generation of Avrio-Advocati.

Who is a junior

Our Juniors are currently lawyers in our member firms. A junior is any lawyer who is under five years qualified and not a partner. We do not discriminate on an age basis. They are very important to us as an organisation and we value their input.

What we offer

We offer a financial subsidy for our juniors to attend conferences. This is not available at every conference but will depend on the content of the conference and the number of juniors wishing to take advantage of our subsidy. The subsidy can be given to member firms only. It is paid after a conference and upon submission of the relevant invoices. To apply for the subsidy a member firm should contact the General Secretariat stating the conference they wish to apply for.

Working with our juniors

We actively encourage our juniors to get involved in the Avrio network. By meeting other juniors long lasting relationships are formed and maintained and a who new referral network is created.

Our juniors are encouraged to submit papers for publication either on our site or in our newsletter. We also encourage juniors to give lectures at our conferences. For the individual, this builds up a whole range of skills needed to move to the next level as a lawyer and it also raises the profile of your firm.

Junior Exchange Program

We run an exchange program for our juniors between member firms. This is a completely flexible programme and can be tailored to the needs of the individual and the firm. For more information click on the link to the left.