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We select all our members very carefully. If you are interested in joining us we would be pleased to hear from you. Contact our General Secretariat now with details of your firm.

Joining us depends on whether we have a member in your territory already. If we do not have current representation in your territory then the process is easier. We will consider your application to join us at the next director’s board meeting. These are held four times per year. If the board of directors agree to your application then we will recommend you begin the process of accession.

If we do have existing representation then we will first consult with our member. You should contact our General Secretariat with a list of your specialisms and a statement on your firm.

Once we have confirmed that we wish you to join us then we have a strict procedure that is followed in all cases. We can give you full details of this on application.

To simplify matters your firm registers as a member, this keeps your accounting process straightforward. You then designate a senior partner and an administrative person to be the main contacts for your Avrio membership. Each of your partners can be listed on our site as an individual lawyer. Anyone in your firm can access our members only site.

Benefits of membership

Joining as a member of Avrio Advocati gives you and your firm a number of tangible and intangible benefits. Our members tell us that they gain reputation credit with clients by belonging to a prestigious international network of law firms. They tell us that it is reassuring to their clients that should there be a cross border issue their own lawyer can confidently recommend an Avrio colleague. They will have met this person on a number of occasions and be familiar with the law firm. Being an Avrio member gives your firm an international dimension and a global reach. You can make firm contacts with people you will meet at least twice a year. You experience other cultures and gain new insights into working practices. By joining Avrio today, you will immediately gain access to lawyers in nearly 50 countries around the world.

More obvious tangible benefits include:

  • Completely free conferences twice a year. One takes place in a European hub, eg. Barcelona or Brussels and one in a more remote destination

  • Excellent social programmes to compliment the conference
  • An online presence on our website which is optimised for SEO purposes and should therefore increase your own website’s rankings
  • Access to valuable information such as “how to” guides by country
  • Quarterly newsletter where your firm can be a spotlight firm
  • A one time write up of your firm in our quarterly newsletter
  • Involvement in publication of technical literature for publication both privately and publically
  • Invitations to speak at our conferences
  • Free use of all Avrio IP such as our logo on your business literature
  • Access to our members only section on our website
  • Participate in our very successful “Law Firm Management Forum” which runs at every conference and has an online presence
  • Be listed as a specialist in your area under our sector groups
  • For your junior members, you can apply for financial assistance from Avrio for their attendance at our conferences.

To join contact our General Secretariat on