About Us

About Avrio Advocati

‚ÄčAVRIO Advocati is a European based network of law firms, covering practically every major European city. The object of our association is to develop, on European basis, the exchange of the professional know-how, foster legal co-operation as well as legal research on European and international issues.

The activities undertaken by our association include organization of conferences, website platforms and publications. All our activity is dedicated to facilitation of the cross-border legal work on pan-European and world-wide basis. With the assistance of our network, our members aim to deliver high quality, custom-tailored legal advice across international borders to respond to the requirements of the internal and global markets.

Who we are

AVRIO Advocati is a non-profit association established by the merger of two prominent European groupings of law firms, growing over the years since 1987 and becoming an effective, cohesive structure with a strong European base, while progressively reaching out to other destinations (such as USA, China, India, Australia, Lebanon).

AVRIO Advocati member firms are prominent local firms with firsthand knowledge not only of their legal environment but also of all relevant business issues, and are able to arrange cooperation with local authorities and other professionals. Our members believe that it is always quality that determines the success of their clients. Our structure, which provides for close and continuous cooperation between members, reflects that belief.

What we do

In AVRIO Advocati, we combine two key elements needed for the success of common ventures: close and long-standing personal relationships; and permanently updated knowledge of legal and business developments in other jurisdictions. That results in high quality and cost effective, client-focused services, enhanced by sharing international resources.

Our members fully understand and respond to the business needs of their clients by the quality, promptness of service and ability to confidently manage risks in a global perspective. The common expertise and close cooperation between our members allow us not only to effectively refer our clients while they do business abroad, but also to participate in common projects that require harmonious co-operation and management throughout more than one jurisdiction.